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Environmental Activity

All staffs of Vector engage environmental
activities so that we leave green earth
for our descendants.

Vector Co., Ltd. is registered to ISO14001.

As a management policy, we especially give importance to social contribution.
- We always put the importance to customer's point of view to contribute to our society.
- Through the marking machine business, we support the construction of traceability system which may enhance the reliability of customers to the market products.

Just a profit-seeking company cannot give social contribution.
We're going to realize our philosophy by keeping environmental consciousness of our company members, attending environmental activities and developing environmental-friendly products.
Environmental Management Policy


Environmental Policy

We develop our business based on our management policy focusing on product lifecycle management.
Also, considering environmental influences of our business activities, we do the following

  • We take the followings as the most important theme of environmental activities:
    • (1) Development of products that guarantee high levels of customer satisfaction
    • (2) Streamlining of operations to raise our corporate value
    • (3) Efficient use of energy and resources
  • We construct the environmental management system, determine the environmental challenge, plan the environmental activity and set forward it. Also, we revise the system continuously, accordingly and periodically to prevent the environmental pollution.
  • We observe environmental laws and other requirements we agree and seek to prevent pollution to preserve the natures.
  • We publish this Environmental Management Policy not only for our corporate members but for all our stakeholders.

Oct 6, 2016
Hiroshi Kai
President of Vector Co., Ltd.

Scope of Environmental Management system (EMS)

Target office
No. Target office Address
1 Head office 2-12-16 Ekiminami, Kosai, Shizuoka, Japan
2 * East Japan Office Management Bldg. No.10, 7F, 5-36-5 Kamata, Ota, Tokyo, Japan
3 * West Japan Office Takata 2-43-4-8, Nishi, Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan

* East Japan office and West Japan office are excluded from the registration review due to their smallness.

Target section
No. Target section
1 General affairs division Operation department HR & accounting section
ISO promotion section
Purchasing department
2 Sales division Sales department Domestic sales section
* East Japan office
* West Japan office
Overseas sales section
Test marking department
Environmental business department
3 Engineering division Component development department
Innovative product development department
Core technology development department
Sales promotion department
Quality assurance division  
After-sales service division  

* East Japan office and West Japan office are excluded from the registration review due to their smallness.

Activities, products and services

We ensure compliance while carrying on our business includes development, design, manufacturing, packaging, sales, dispatching and installation of industrial electric machines.
Our main product is "Marking machine". We also undertake after-sales service of our marking machines. For manufacturing of marking machine (excluding assembly of some units), we outsource to partner factories. We also outsource almost all dispatching of products to partner forwarders.
Products and services which sales occupy less than 1% of total sales are excluded from EMS because we regard these have little effect on our company and environments.